Announcing the existence of my baby

I will be a first-time mom in late June of this year. It’s such a major life change. I would have never seen it coming at the same time last year. I mean, my 5th wedding anniversary took place last year in July. In a way, I expected my lack of motherhood to continue.

Sure, I have dogs, a cat, and a fish, but it’s different. They behave like children, yet they lack the complexities that most humans are wired for. A human baby has the potential for more variety.

Maybe we were or weren’t trying…

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Interest in the occult? Check. Interest in the esoteric. Check. Interest in symbolism and metaphors of ancient texts and belief systems? Check. Interest in human behavior? Check. Interest in one’s own soul, a potential afterlife, and one’s place in the physical and spiritual realm? Check. Preference for being mostly alone, among quiet people, or with those that are heavily like-minded? Check.

I may make a decent mystic. Maybe I could even join a group that occasionally meets for kindred conversation and possibly an odd ritual or two.

In all seriousness, I have often wondered and regretted not knowing I had…

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There is a correlation between the Greco-Roman gods and cognitive functions. My dominant god archetypes are Hades, Hephaestus, and Dionysus with high support of Hermes. Zeus and Ares are my weakest archetypes.

According to Jean Shinoda Bolen, Hades embodies Si and Ni, Hephaestus embodies Si and Fi, and Dionysus embodies Si or Se. Hermes embodies Ne and Te, Poseidon embodies Fi or Fe, and Apollo embodies Te and Ne. Zeus embodies Te, Se, and Ne, and Ares embodies Fe and Se.

As a person, I mainly use Ne, Ni, and Fi and hardly use Se, Te, and Fe. …

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There is a correlation between Greco-Roman goddesses and cognitive functions. My dominant goddess archetypes are Persephone and Hestia with high support of Aphrodite. Artemis is my weakest archetype.

According to Jean Shinoda Bolen, Persephone embodies Si, Hestia embodies Fi with Ni, and Aphrodite embodies Se. Hera embodies Fe with Se, Demeter embodies Fe, Athena embodies Te with Se. Artemis embodies Ne with Fe.

As a person, I mainly use Ne, Ni, and Fi and hardly use Se, Te, and Fe. They define my heroine’s journey.

My heroine’s journey is lead by the daughter/medium, mystic/homemaker, and lover/muse. The explorer/hunter follows behind…

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I’ve mentioned already that I mainly process stimulus through Ne, Ni, and Fi. It’s just as odd that Ti follows in use because I am an INFP. Of course, I’ve felt as if I do not fit in with many INFP’s which is typical to feel as an INFP or a 4w5. I felt the same way when I once believed I was an INFJ. Even the types of INTJ and INTP crossed my mind as possibilities in the past, but I settled on INFP.

Some people are more or less typical in behavior than others. I have noticed how…

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I’m an INFP that predominantly heavily uses Ne (good parent) and Ni (critical parent) with Fi (hero), apparently. There are moderate levels of Ti (demon) and Si (child). Those are followed by low use of Fe (opposing role), Se (trickster), and Te (animus). That means I’m regularly using 2 shadow functions along with my 3 typical INFP cognitive functions.

Fi>Ne>Si>Te - Fe>Ni>Se>Ti

As far as I understand, the hero should be leading, yet it needs the support of the good parent and the animus. …

Thanks to the goodwill of the Kibbe community on Reddit, I have been typed as a Soft Natural. For several years now, I mostly figured I was a Gamine, and I had settled on Soft Gamine for a while. Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t “soft” or “round” enough to be a soft gamine, and I wasn’t “yang” enough to be any of the other gamines.

I am “youthful and feminine” rather than “womanly” or “boyish.”

Source: Jacquline Ard

So, I figured I was an Ingenue, but I am not “girly.” Of course, I have an obvious “natural-ishness” to me. …

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I took another random quiz, but I’m not entirely shocked by the results which showed a preference for “good” and “bad” philia. “Good” and “bad” eros came in second. What surprised me was the idea of there being good and bad versions of each. The only one I had thought of as “bad” would be eros, so in a way, the idea of good vs. bad does help me understand eros better.

I could see where good eros would involve cheesy, passionate romanticism and some loyalty whereas bad eros is mainly lust and minimal loyalty. …

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I don’t tend to publish book reviews here, but I’ve finally found a way to express how I view the world, and I feel it’s important to mention it since I am honest about many things in my life.

The book is “Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition” by Sherrie Dillard.

I’m glad I finally bought a printed version of this book. I actually read it several years ago, and while I considered it interesting then, I find it far more useful now. I was finally ready for the information in the book.

You see, I’m…

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Before I move on with observing my subpersonalities, I figured I should list positive triggers and not just the negative ones I already have. I wasn’t going to do so because I didn’t think they mattered since I was trying to work on the negative ones, but I think I need to appreciate the ones that result in feelings of joy.

Since I have been prone to cynicism most of my life, this has been a challenge. …

Jacquline Ard (Ontiveros)

“It is the chiefest point of happiness that a man is willing to be what he is.” ~Erasmus |

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